MyTSU Portal Login Account – Your Guide to graduate from Tennessee University!

If you have ever heard your elder siblings and cousins talk about their university life you would know it is not easy to go through semesters with flying grades while keep a manageable schedule, track of assignment and exam dates in addition to university events.

However those who are enrolled at the Tennessee State University they have the privilege of using the MyTSU Portal Login Account where all university tasks related to academics can be managed with a simple click.

About Tennessee State University

Tennessee State University is an American land-grant institution that is public based and is situated in the state of Nashville, Tennessee, United States. It was established back in the 1912 as the only black university that was funded by the state itself.

Step by Step Protocol for accessing the online MyTSU Portal Login Account

If you are enrolled as a student at the Tennessee State University you must immediately access the online MyTSU Portal Login Account by following the step by step guide given below for your ease:

  1. The first step is to open your web browser and click the URL to access the page for MyTSU Portal Login Account
  2. This web link will definitely instantly lead you to the official main page of MyTSU Portal Login Account
  3. Beneath the heading “Sign in to your account” you will find two empty MyTSU Portal Login Account
  4. In the first empty space type in your username
  5. Then give your MyTSU Portal Login Account password in the next assigned space. Both of these login credentials will be given by the university itself at the time of your enrollment.
  6. Then below the login window you will find a small white button that reads “Sign In”. Click it to gain access to your MyTSU Portal Login Account.
  7. If you want to tick the “Stay signed in” option only make that decision if you are using a secure device.