The Art of Promotions Part I – Examples

Last week I asked you, What about your product is worth talking about? How does your product stand up against your competitors? What do you have that they don’t have? What reason do people have to come to your establishment?

Basically what makes your business special and stand out?  No matter what kind of business that you own whether it is a farm, beauty shop, flower shop, restaurant, hardware store, there is a unique and special quality about your business that separates it from the multitude competitors.  Just as people have unique characteristics and personalities so do businesses.  If you are having some trouble figuring out what makes your business special, here are some examples of businesses that came up with creative ways of making their business stand out.

Highlight Your Product

The Best Chocolate Cake in the world- The best chocolate cake in the world bakery is actually one of the best chocolate cakes that I have ever had. If you have a great product, share it!  People love to talk about products and services that are the best they ever had.  Allowing customer to sample your product is a great way to get them to spend money, come back, and tell their friends.

Share your Passion with your customers!

Blue Hill at Stone Barns- “Great cooking starts with great ingredients. And great ingredients start with great farmers.” This is the philosophy of Blue Hill.  Aside from the fact that Blue Hill at Stone Barns has great food with exceptional service, what makes this restaurant stand out, is the passion they have for the complete farm to the table process.  When you grow or raise all of the food that you serve, that shows an intense amount of passion towards your product, service, and experience you are providing your customers with.  Blue Hill emphasizes a completely different perspective of fine dining, they differentiate their restaurant with passion, service, and customer education. (

Educating your customers

Fresh- Not only does Fresh carry great products, one of the main reasons I love shopping there is how informative and helpful the staff is.  Every time I go into the store, a helpful sales person is always educating me on the benefits of a new product as well as giving me a demonstration on the best use for the product.  Educating your customers on why a particular product will enhance their life will definitely get them talking!

Provide Excellent Customer Service

No matter if you are Bergdorf Goodman or the bodega around the corner, every business can provide excellent customer service. What I love about Sunac is the convenience of being open 24 hours, variety, and customer service. Even though they are open 24 hours the staff always seems to be friendly and professional.  Not every business has niche products, inventive merchandise, or sells merchandise their customers will need educating on, but any business can provide excellent customer service whether it be in the form of friendly service, speedy service, or convenience.  This is the best and easiest way to get your customers to spread the word about your business.