The Art of Promotions Part I – Is your product promotable?

Successful word of mouth campaigns don’t happen by accident. There is an art to launching and executing successful word of mouth campaigns. However, many people treat word of mouth as an afterthought. As if its something that just happens … or doesn’t. Some people try to get word of mouth but don’t effectively achieve it. Other people get great word of mouth but have no reason why they get it. There are a few basics when it comes to word of mouth promotions that a business owner must keep in mind because ultimately word of mouth is your single most powerful element in the marketing mix.

One of the most important elements to promotions is your product. Having a good product is obviously easier said than done. As a local business owner, if I hear one more twenty-something-year-old “Social media expert” say to me “just make sure you have a good product,” I will probably end up chasing them out of my store with a broom. So I am not going to preach about having a good product because that is YOUR job and nobody knows your business better than you. But let me just leave you with some things to think when trying to construct your marketing message.

What about your product is worth talking about? How does your product stand up against your competitors? What do you have that they don’t have? What reason do people have to come to your establishment?

I used to own a little sandwich shop in Soho. For my sandwich shop we sourced a special type of bread called Puerto Rican water bread from a mom and pop bakery in New Jersey and they drove in every morning to make sure we had our daily supply of fresh water bread. Did the sandwich actually taste better with the water bread when compared to the bread we sourced from the Hudson Baking company? Who knows, hell, I couldn’t really tell, but it worked and people came in from all over the city to try our sandwiches on Puerto Rican water bread. We gave people something different, we gave them something interesting to talk about and there you go people starting spreading the news. Amazing!