The Cravory

Often times marketers are so focused on what businesses are doing wrong they forget or simply don’t highlight what businesses are doing right to promote their business.  My feeling is that there is just as much, if not more, to learn from businesses that runs successful social media promotions or campaigns, which is why this week’s blog post is about a gourmet cookie business that runs sweet deals known as The Cravory.

“The Cravory is home to over 950 customized cookie creations from sweet to savory. If you can imagine it, we can create it – whether it’s Savory Rosemary Balsamic, Pancakes and BaconRed Velvet, or Chocolate Chip. The Cravory Cookies are the ultimate cookie experience with a perfectly baked surface and a soft cookie center that melts in your mouth.

The Cravory was co-founded by three young entrepreneurs Adam KovenNate Ransom, and Derek Jaeger who are extremely passionate about food and absolutely addicted to cookies. As self-proclaimed foodies, they set out to revolutionize the baking world with their addictive and complex cookies.

Crafted from only the finest ingredients and gourmet flavor profiles, The Cravory has taken cookies to a totally new level. Cookie Chef Jaeger has meticulously perfected his baking skills to transform any dessert, drink, flavor, or concept into a delicious cookie. In fact, many argue that his Red Velvet cookie tastes better than any red velvet cake out there.”

The Cravory is a San Diego based baking company that serves up absolutely amazing cookies!  In addition to having a great product, the owners are on top of their social media. On their twitter feed, they advertised that they would be at the Hillcrest Farmers market and the “first 20 people to whisper ‘Cookie Craver’ at the farmers market received a free cookie, which is a fun great promotion. On their Facebook, they partnered up with the blog Leslie Loves Veggies to give away a dozen cookies to 2 winners for people that liked their Facebook and submitted comments on what cookies they wanted to try and why. These are two simple promotions that are fun easy to run and track able via your social media tools of facebook and twitter. If anyone has a business that they feel is a prime example of excellent social media promotions done right, please feel free to email me at and I would love to write about them.