With Centennial Online banking paying bills has never been easier!

Centennial Online Banking offers services of online business banking, e-banking service, mortgages, trust services and other investment plans. The company is known for its paperless statements which lets the customers gain access to their account details at any time. The entire activity and transactions of the account and the related records can be downloaded at www.my100bank.com.

About Centennial Online Banking

Centennial Bank is a banking service that offers a wide range of retail and commercial banking service. A group of investors under the leadership of John W. Allison started the Centennial Bank in the states of Arkansas, Florida and South Alabama.

Step by Step Process to access the online Centennial Online Banking

To successfully use and access the Centennial Online Banking services all you must do is keep following the step by step guide that is given below for your convenience:

  1. First you must click the URL www.my100bank.com in your web browser to open the homepage for Centennial Online Bank
  2. If you already have membership you must type in your Online ID and Password to proceed directly
  3. However if you are not a member press the button that reads ‘not registered’.
  4. This will display the official registration form on your screen.
  5. Now you must type in the following:
  • Your first name,
  • Your last name,
  • Residence city,
  • Contact number,
  • e-mail ID
  • Account number
  1. Choose the type of your Account
  2. Choose the rights of your Transfer
  3. Then select if you wish for your statements to be given to you in electronic form or via paperwork
  4. Then for verification purposes give your birth date, social security number and select any 4 digit security number
  5. Then give the agreement to all the Terms and Conditions and press ‘Accept and Submit’

Take and submit the filled form at the nearest Centennial Bank. After you have successfully completed the registration steps you can enjoy the perks of Centennial Online Banking with just a click away.