Recover your overpaid amount with Alcon Lens Rebate Center

Now you can recover your overpaid amount with Alcon Rebate Center by going to and filling out their rebates form and provide your Alcon Lens personal rebate code.

Under the guidance of this article, you will be informed of the rebate procedure.

What You Will Require

To sign up for a rebate with Alcon Lens Rebate Center, you must have the following documents and information with you:

  1. Original UPC code for each brand of lens purchased
  2. A copy of eye exam receipt and/or contact lens fitting receipt with date circled
  3. Your Alcon Rebate Code. If you don’t have a rebate code yet, go to this link:


Step 1:

Open up your web browser

Step 2:

Open the Alcon Rebates Center Page. Either look it up on Google or go to this link:

Step 3:

The link will direct you to the Alcon Rebate Center page

Step 4:

You will be asked to provide some information once arrive at the Alcon Rebate Center page. Enter and locate your Rebate Code from the back of your rebate slip. The code will be 14 digits long

Step 5:

Click on the “Go” button when you’re done

Step 6:

In this step, you will be asked to fill out a sign-up form for creating your personal profile

Step 7:

Fill out the survey form by providing your purchase and shipping information

Step 8:

Get a hard copy of your Official Rebate Form and post it to Alcon Rebate Center in El Paso Texas. The processing of your rebate request might take at least 6 weeks

Benefits of a Rebate

A rebate serves a very important purpose for firms and companies, especially from the point of view of marketing and sales promotion. Rebates can be seen as a form of a discount that recompenses the customer after the sale of a product instead of at the time of purchase. This is a very effective marketing strategy that was introduced around the 20th century by retail grocers and later on producers of other types of goods. Rebates can be employed as a clever way to encourage sales, increase the popularity of the brand and to attract retail investors.

About Alcon Lens

Alcon is a leading medical manufacturer of eye care products in the United States.