Use Your Black Card Servicing to Unlock Exclusive Benefits!

We all love being spoiled and getting the best things in life. One great thing we should all have our eyes on is the Black Card from Luxury Cards that comes with a bunch of interesting features as well as benefits! If you have a Black Card, you can access these features right now with the Black Card Servicing Account.

The Step-by-step Guide to Using the Black Card Servicing Account

Want to sign in to view your Black Card’s account? Follow these steps to access your account in no time.

  • Using a web browser on your computer, open up this link:
  • The first page you see is the main page involved in the servicing of your black card.
  • Under the header for card member login, enter your Username in addition to your Password.
  • Select ‘Remember Username’ if you are using a home computer.
  • Finally, get back to your account by selecting the option to ‘Login’.

If you want to activate your black card, instead of logging in, click the link ‘Set Up Online Access’. Follow the instructions on the next page to activate your card!

Benefits of using the Black Card Servicing Account

The Black Card can provide you with these benefits as a cardholder:

  • Access to exclusive rewards and benefits.
  • Cash back values that go up to 1.5%
  • Ability to get double the points for airfare.
  • No fees when carrying out transactions to foreign accounts.
  • Access to a VIP program when staying at hotels and traveling.
  • Access to a concierge service any time you want.

About the Black Card Servicing Account

Black Card is a card issued by Luxury Cards. Luxury Cards provides people with premium credit cards, focused specifically for people who often travel a lot. Luxury Cards are accepted at more than 8 million retail companies in the United States, as well as several in more than 210 other countries.