Keep track of news, weather, sports, business and so much more online!

Keep track of news, weather, sports, business and so much more online! With the latest updates, know what is happening around you while sitting at home or at friend’s home. You just need to have a device that contains internet.

About My Champlain Valley

My Champlain Valley covers local news, weather and things related to sports around New York, New Hampshire and Vermont. Local 22 & Local 44 powers which is located in Vermont. Your favourite ABC programming, FOX and primetime shows are broadcast by us. It also supports many local organizations and charitable events. Their main aim is to make a difference in the lives of people that live in Champlain Valley. It collects news that is important for them and the communities. Our employees work hard so that they can bring the most impactful news for the residents and make their lives better.

Step by Step Protocol for My Champlain Valley

If you want keep track of news and know what’s happening around you, then follow the steps that are given below

  • Get a device that connects to internet easily.
  • Click open the URL link that is mentioned below

  • Main page of My Champlain Valley will open in front of you.
  • To know the news, click on ‘NEWS’ and then you can see what ever you want to see. It can be Local news, National News, Entertainment News or Weird News.
  • You can also select any language in which you want to see the news. It can be Chinese, Dutch, Hindi, etc.
  • Click on ‘WEATHER’ that is on the the top right corner of the page. And then you can view the weather and forecast videos of any area that you want.
  • You can also know about sports, Lifestyle, Community, Market Place by clicking on ‘SECTIONS’.
  • Scroll down at the end of the page you can click on ‘Download Apps’, to install the application in your phone.
  • You can also know about the privacy policy and know about adds by clicking on ‘Privacy Policy’ or ‘About Our Ads’.