Directly Deposit Your Money With the Control Prepaid MasterCard

Are you looking to manage your finances better and with more control? You can use tools like the Control Prepaid MasterCard to help you better control your money and make better decisions! Unlike traditional ways of managing cash, using a MasterCard, you can work online or through the phone.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Control Prepaid MasterCard

Log in to your account using the Control MasterCard with the steps given below.

  1. Turn on your computer and go to the following web address:
  2. Next, look for the login box on the website for the Control MasterCard.
  3. Select the option ‘Account Login’ in the header of the website.
  4. Provide your MasterCard account’s Password and the Username in the given spaces.
  5. Select ‘Remember Username’ if using a home or secure computer.
  6. Finally, click the link ‘Log In’.

If you don’t already have an account, you can make a new one any time by clicking ‘Open A New Account’. Once that opens up, you need to provide the account holder’s Name, Address, Street Code, ZIP Code, and finally, the Email Address. Select the type of payments you want to speed up using the direct deposit feature, and then click ‘Order Your Card’. You can now activate your card online using the same website as well.

Benefits of using the Control Prepaid MasterCard

There are several benefits of using the Control MasterCard, as shown below:

  • Avoid the long lines and go for the direct deposit option for free.
  • Access exclusive tools beneficial for budgeting.
  • Set up alerts with your mobile phone number.
  • Get rewards in the form of cashback benefits.
  • Transfer money from the account of one cardholder to another.

About the Control Prepaid MasterCard

The Control Card is a card that allows users to control their financial spending and saving. Using the features offered with the card, Control aims to provide users with the right benefits and tools.