My Gift Card Login Account is your one stop gift shop!

If an American Express Gift Card is under your ownership you must register it online and redeem its perks. My Gift Card Login Account can be registered at which will open up the My Gift Card Site where the registration facility is available online.

My Gift Card operates like any other prepaid card and now you can make use of it to complete shopping anywhere in the United States of America. But the card is non transferable meaning if you ever misplace your account you can easily get a refund in form of cash for your available balance. My Gift Card Login Account also lets you track your remaining balance anytime you wish to check or extract previous transaction histories.

About American Express Gift Card

The American Express or the American Express Company in its short form is known as AmEx and is essentially a finance corporation in the United States that has an experience of 160 years in their field.

Step by Step Guide to access the My Gift Card Login Account online

Whenever you are ready to avail the perks of My Gift Card you must register for your My Gift Card Login Account by following the step by step guide given below for your convenience:

  1. Click the following URL from your installed web browser to open the page for your My Gift Card Site.
  2. This is that URL which will display the registration page directly without you having to click anymore links.
  3. In order to activate your card you should type in your 6 number card ID and the card security number both of which will be written for you on your Gift card that is in your possession.
  4. Now type in the captcha code that is shown in the box on the main page of the website
  5. Now click the button “Log In” to finish the registration procedure.
  6. Then when you have gained access to your account keep following the instructions for successful activation of the My Gift Card Login Account.

Although My Gift Card Site opens a lot of pop up windows you must ensure your pop up blocked is disabled to be able to use all the features of the site.