My Home Warranty HSA Keeps Your Home Safer than Ever

Buying a home is only the first step to owning one; after that comes the difficult task of maintaining it and keeping it safe. Whether it’s through security systems or guard dogs, you can never be too careful when it comes to your home security. Another way to protect your home is through a warranty, so visit My Home Warranty HSA to get the warranty you need.

How to Access the My Home Warranty HSA in a Step-Wise Manner?

In order to access and use My Home Warranty HSA, you have to follow the below given protocol exactly as it is:

  1. The very first thing you need to do is click on to visit the My Home Warranty HSA page.
  2. If you are a new user, click on the “Register Now” link at the bottom of the page.
  3. On the next page, enter your Property ZIP Code and one of the following: your Phone Number, Property address, or Contract number.
  4. Then, click “Search for Properties”.
  5. After that, keep following the instructions provided on the screen to register your account on the My Home Warranty HSS

If you are a returning user, or created your account just now, you can easily log in whenever you want by returning to the main page. Here, enter your Email and Password, check “Remember my Email” if you trust the computer, and click “Log In”.

In case you forget your password, you can simply click on the “Forgot Password?” link and reset it.

Benefits of Using My Home Warranty HSA

You can avail plenty of benefits by accessing the My Home Warranty HSA, some of which include:

  • View your HSA Home Warranty with ease.
  • Manage your warranty information and update it as required.

About My Home Warranty HSA

My Home Warranty HSA is a website being operated by HSA Home Warranty, which is a warranty provider based in Cross Plain, Wisconsin. The company provides home warranties to home builders, homeowners, real estate agents and service providers, so everyone can have peace of mind and a secure home.