Learn about the Medical Insurance Coverage with the Medicare Personalized Portal!

Do you want to be able to access your Medical information online? If you want to but have concerns about how secure the integrated website is, you’ll want to use Medicare’s secure site, the Medicare Personalized Portal. Using the simple login process listed below, you can now view the insurance plans you are using.

The Step-by-step Guide to using the Medicare Personalized Portal

To view your personal information on My Medicare, follow the guideline provided below.

  1. Once your computer has been switched on, open your preferred web browser. Now, go to the web address: http://www.mymedicare.gov/
  2. Create an account by clicking the link to start registration online.
  3. Provide your Medicare Number, Mailing Address, and Birth Order, as well as the Date for the Medicare Plan A.
  4. Submit your information and clear the information provided on the screen.

Before you post your information onto the My Medicare website, agree to the Online Services and Web Confidentiality Agreement. Using this law, you can maintain your privacy online and keep your information safe. In addition to this, you can maintain the privacy of your information by using secure networks and avoiding staying logged on when using public computers.

Benefits of using the Medicare Personalized Portal

Access the following benefits and perks using the Medicare Personalized Account:

  • Ability to view your medical insurance claims and track them as they are cleared.
  • Learn about the extent of your medical coverage and what you are eligible for.
  • Access a summarized report of your information so that you can give it to your doctors.
  • View your personal health information such as drugs and preventive services.

About the Medicare Personalized Portal

Medicare is a social insurance program in the United States. Started in 1966, Medicare is part of the US Federal government and provides insurance for over 55 million people, as of 2015.