Petco Career Center – What all pet lovers dream of

If you are a pet lover, then head on over to the Petco Career Center at and join the Petco pet family which gives you the chance to love and care for thousands of pets. This article will tell all that you need to know about logging on to your Petco Career Center account and finding a job.

What You Will Need

Before you sit down to perform the login procedure, make sure you have everything written in the requirements list below:

  1. A good internet connection which is working properly. Any connectivity issues might interrupt the login process and cause you to lose unsaved data
  2. Any device such as a laptop or a smart phone on which you can access the internet
  3. An account at the Petco Careers Center site
  4. You should also have some experience working with pets

How to log in to the Petco Careers Center site

Follow these set of instructions carefully before you begin:

  1. Open up a new window or tab in your web browser
  2. Go to the Petco Career Center site by clicking on this URL: You can also access the site by copy/pasting or typing this URL into the address bar of your web browser
  3. Locate the “Search jobs” option when you are on the page
  4. Type the ‘keywords”
  5. Choose the category in which you would like to serve
  6. Choose whether you would like to work part time or full time
  7. Enter your location in the specified text box
  8. Click on the blue “search” button to proceed
  9. Choose your job from the list that appears on the screen
  10. Read through the job description and click “Apply” if you wish to apply for the job
  11. Log in using your username and password. If you don’t have an account, click on the “New User” button to set up one


Petco Career Center brings all pet lovers the chance of make some money doing what they love; caring and nurturing for pets. They not only offer full time employment but part time employment as well for those who are looking for some work or a way to make some money.