Enjoy the Best Vacation Discounts with the ICE Rewards Program!

Planning a family vacation for you and your loved ones? With the great rewards offered through the ICE Rewards Program, you can ensure your family has a great time and that you save on the expenses at the same time! Head on over to their website now for all the information you need about their amazing discounts and rewards!

The Step-by-step Guide to Using the ICE Rewards Program

In order to access your online discounts available at the ICE Rewards Program, use these steps below.

  • Switch on your computer, and then go to the website mentioned here: http://www.myplatinumrewards.com/
  • The page that will load onto your screen is the ICE Rewards System’s online website.
  • Under the Member Login heading, look for the login box.
  • Provide your Password in addition to giving your Email Address.
  • Click the link ‘Login’ and you’ll be able to see your account information at once.

In case you have further questions about the ICE Rewards website or face issues as you try to login to your account, you can get help either by calling at the number (866) 389-0578 or by looking for the information provided under ‘Customer Service’ on the same web page.

Benefits of using the ICE Rewards Program

Avail the following benefits from using the ICE Rewards website program to access your account:

  • Get amazing discounted prices and savings for your vacation around the world.
  • Access your account securely using the process given above from anywhere if you have an Internet connection.
  • Get help from customer service representatives as you use the website and its features.

About the ICE Rewards Program

As a premium travel program, ICE Rewards is dedicated to creating amazing, affordable vacations for its members by providing them with exclusive discounts and savings when they are making great memories with their loved ones!