PrimeMail User Self Service Login Account – Best choice for healthy life!

Don’t have time to go to your Doctor or pharmacy to renew or refill your medicines? Are you too busy to keep track of your transcription history? Then register now for PrimeMail User Self Service Account and get your medicines delivered for you!

About Prime Therapeutics

Prime therapeutics was formed to provide expertise for Blue plans which are non-profitable. Currently, more than 20 million members are being served by our services.

Step by Step guide for PrimeMail User Self Service Login Account

By completing the following steps, you will be able to register for PrimeMail User Self Service Account

  • Click open the following website to open the main page of Prime Therapeutics

  • In order to sign in, enter your username and password and click on ‘sign in’.
  • You can check mark ‘remember me’ and your details will be saved.
  • Make sure you check mark from a private computer and not a public computer.
  • In case you have forgotten your username or password, click on ‘Forgot username/password?’.
  • If you have not registered yet, click on ‘Register your account’.
  • A new window will appear in front of you that will ask for your private information. You will need your member ID to continue.
  • State your plan information, your name, date of birth, and then create your account by choosing a new username and password.
  • Answer the security questions so that you can recover your account incase you forget your password.
  • Then click on ‘Accept terms and complete registration’ and you will be done with your registration.
  • Click on ‘contact us’ which is written at the end of the page if you are having any problems.

Advantages of PrimeMail User Self Service Account

  • You can easily refill, transfer and renew your prescribed medicines to PrimeMail.
  • Status of your orders can easily be seen online.
  • Look for pharmacies nearby.
  • Your total amount and prescription history can be seen by logging in your account.
  • You can see coverage information and and cost of different medicines.