Mystery Shop Services Offers Companies a Different look into Their Business.

If someone was to ask you whether the shop that you own sells quality products or not, you would say yes. But to say it with more accuracy and precision you will need to become a mystery shopper and see it from the customers’ point of view. Mystery Shop Services is an online service that provides the retailers and owners to become mystery shoppers to figure out the customer service.

How to Login to Mystery Shop Services

Below are the step-by-step instructions that you can follow to better understand the login procedure:

  1. Go to from your computer or your personal laptop.
  2. You will go directly to the login page that will show four different login boxes.
  3. First is Field Agent/Shopper Login. This helps you see the if the services are executed perfectly or not.
  4. Second is Client login that helps your login as a client and shop.
  5. The third is Field Agent/Shopper Registration, which translates to registering to make an account.
  6. Fourth is the Administration Login that will help your login as the administrator who will look over the customer care.

Benefits of Using Mystery Shop Services

Below are some of the benefits that you will receive if you use Mystery Shop Services:

  • You can always edit, change or update your account information according to your wants and needs.
  • This helps you if you are a retailer by figuring out the target market as you go undercover as just another buyer.
  • You can also see the customer care your company provides by Mystery Shopping.
  • All your information and your passwords will be confidential as this site takes it very seriously when it comes to the safety of the clients’ data.

About Mystery Shop Services

This online service provides retailers’ and shopping companies with a  great way to go undercover and get a feel of their companies services from a consumers point of view.