Get reward points and promotions online by Subway Rewards Card Login Account!

Feeling hungry and want to eat fresh? Do not have enough money to eat as the month is about to end and so is your pocket money? You can get great redeem your points and so much more from Subway Rewards Card Account Login. You can get the best, fresh and healthy subs in town and can get points for that too!

Step by Step Guide to register for Subway Rewards Card Login Account

  • Open the following link from a trusted browse,

  • Click on the Subway Card Menu. On the top section of your screen, you will see ‘Subway Card’. Click on it.
  • To create a new Subway Reward Card Account, click on ‘Register a card’.
  • The next page will ask for your personal information. Your information is secure so fill in the form.
  • Enter the security questions as well so that in future if you forget your password, you can redeem it.
  • After giving all the private information, click ‘submit’.
  • You will be registered to Subway Rewards Card Login Account
  • If you are already registered, then enter your username and password given on the above link.
  • If you have forgotten your password, then click on ‘forgot password?’ and get a link via email to recover your account.

About Subway

Subway is a private American food chain founded in 1965, almost 51 years ago. It has almost 45,000 stores situated in almost 100 countries. It sells subs and submarine sandwiches. More than half of the stores are located in the United States.


Advantages of using Subway Rewards Card Account Login

  • Load your card earlier then your order so if you want to order later on, you can use that cash.
  • Pay by using both debit or credit card.
  • Get bonus points after registering the Subway Rewards Card Account. You can redeem them later on.
  • You can check everything online on your account.


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