Time and Attendance Tracking has made tracking much more fun!

When running a business it is crucial to keep a track of what your employees are up to all day while it becomes equally difficult when you are the boss and have tons of tasks to get done. However you can now accomplish this through the service of “Time and Attendance Tracking” to track the tasks and attendance of your employees!

About TimeStation

TimeStation is an online service which offers the convenience of an online attendance system for the employees of any corporation or business. TimeStation uses the Fast-Scan technology where all employees get registered and then can login or out within a short span of time. The service also requires minimum maintenance as it operates on a cloud based server.

Step by Step Procedure for Accessing the Time and Attendance Tracking

Hence if you are running a business and want to keep an organized check on the attendance and activities of your employees then it is prudent that you avail the services of the Time and Attendance Tracking server online by following the instructions given below:

  1. Open your computer’s web browser and click the link given ahead to open the page for Time and Attendance Tracking www.mytimestation.com
  2. This will let you gain access to the official page for Time and Attendance Tracking from the installed web browser of the employees’ smart phone.
  3. Now on the main page locate and click the option for “Sign Up for Free” given in a green bar
  4. This button will grant you access to the registration page of Time and Attendance Tracking.
  5. On the registration page for Time and Attendance Tracking give the name of your company, a valid email address and then select and again confirm a unique password.
  6. Now place a tick in the box to tell that you agree to all the terms.
  7. In the end press the button for “Create Account” and complete the registration process.