My ULM at Monroe Login Account – Never miss a news and keep track of your educational progress!

Get access to campus notifications, news feed and other features from only one login account! Now no need to visit different web pages to keep track of news. Log in now with My ULM at Monroe online account and avail the perks of being a student at University of Louisiana at Monroe.

About University of Louisiana at Monroe

University of Louisiana at Monroe was established in 1931 and it is a coeducational public university. It is based in the United States and is a part of University of Louisiana System. It has almost 7550 students enrolled in undergraduate program and 1304 students in postgraduate program. So the total number of students that study in this university is 8854. Main campus of this university is made on almost 238 acres of land. Their main purpose is to create a friendly environment and productive students so that they can be responsible citizens in life.

Step by Step Protocol for My ULM at Monroe Online Account

If you want to access My ULM at Monroe Online Account, then follow the steps given below

  • Open the website URL given below

  • The main page of myULM will open in front of you.
  • Enter your username and password on the top of the page and then press ‘Log in’.
  • If you need any help, then click on ‘Need help?’ and there will be different ways to solve your problem.
  • If you are opening this website for the first time, then enter your username and password which is given to you by the university.
  • Change your username and password as soon as you log in for security reasons.

Advantages of My ULM at Monroe Login Account

  • It is single login account for your university records that will help you to manage everything easily.
  • You can enable notifications so that you never miss any news at the campus.